Art From God’s Heart

This website is presenting watercolor paintings by Thomas S. Chapman to be a blessing and a statement of what was, what is and what is to come. Different subjects, visions or promptings come to me, as I spend time with the Lord, read scripture, fellowship with friends or as I see something on the web that inspires me to do a painting. Some of these pieces are from teaching exercises while helping students with watercolor painting projects. All in all I’m thankful to the Lord to allow me to do and share them with you. I have added the resource of many paintings that came from scripture along with my personal revelations that came while the painting was in process.


Crown of Thorns

A watercolor painting of two nations receiving God’s out powering and blessing. Because they have chosen righteousness. In these latter days.



Unexpected dangers can change our lives. It is the mercies of the Lord that we have life every moment of every day.



In the beginning, God spoke causing light to be and life became. Light is the heart of every aspect of earth and its inhabitants.



The rose, a most delicate creation with a fragrance so sweet yet the touch can bring blood to the unexpecting passer-by.