The Promise Of Tomorrow

Jesus Christ is the rock of our salvation, a firm foundation which we can and must stand on.



Johnson Lake as it was a good memory of a fishing trip with my hubby, John. It was a nice sunny day and I remember we stopped and had lunch on the rock that you painted Tom. I got the name “The promise of tomorrow” because John is in heaven with the Lord – we are promised forever. Eternity is a big word. John may not be here on earth but he is not gone just with the Lord and heaven is a good place-a great place. Our love-John & I – was bigger than the both of us. True love has hope as a component. Hope is what I have for the future because John cared for me and provided for me and so does my heavenly Father. God promised us forever with Him through Jesus – by, Gail Hill


Watercolor: Size 22″x 14″
by: Thomas S. Chapman
© Copywrite 5/2009